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China Scholarship Council (CSC) is the authority in charge of government scholarships to Chinese higher education institutions. The CSC scholarship is for international students who are either degree-seeking or non-degree under-/postgraduate students, and the degree levels range from Bachelors to Master’s, Ph.D. and Postdoctoral research.

China Scholarship Council will continue to encourage more young people around the world to study in China in order that they may work towards the highest standards in the drive for greater exchanges between nations so as to foster lasting peace, development and prosperity for all mankind.

Why Study in China?

For most people, studying overseas is about discovering a new way of life and broadening their horizons. A good number of students choose to study abroad because they see that international education can lead to better career opportunities. International education opens many doors for the global job market and gives you a chance to earn a competitive salary.

In addition, an increasing number of employers around the world are requiring proficiency in another language, with English being one of the most sought-out foreign languages. Studying overseas will give you more choices when it comes time for your future plans. You’ll not only improve your career prospects, but you’ll be able to acquire knowledge from different cultures which is sure to enrich your life.

Choosing a program abroad can be daunting and confusing. There are several factors that you need to consider: Costs, Location, Level of Study and Type of School (Public/Private) . When it comes to costs, there are scholarship opportunities for international students all over the world. Many countries offer grants and loans that may help you pay for tuition and living expenses such as transportation and housing.

Learn more about how China Scholarship Council (CSC) could help you with this! CSC is the major awarding body in China offering financial support for international students coming to study in China, including undergraduate, postgraduate degree programs or technical/vocational training courses; exchange students; scholars; teachers training candidates under government scholarships; returnees from abroad under government policies.

The CSC offers scholarships for international students to cover tuition fees and living expenses. Some of the awards may also include a monthly allowance, waiver or reimbursement of health insurance premiums, book or equipment allowances and other supplementary items according to the regulations and rules of CSC.

China is one of the most serious countries in an international competition to attract foreign students. This is not surprising, because there are excellent conditions for studying. Full scholarships with payment of tuition Chinese government scholarship cover living expenses, including accommodation and meals in China, medical insurance fees.

Duration – from 6 months to 5 year. The grant covers all educational costs for this period (including cost books).  However, teaching materials are supplied by the grantee institution free of charge. If you need additional funds for purchase of equipment or necessary items, additional money can be transferred through transfer agencies or directly to your bank account in China on presentation of receipts.

If a student is on a Chinese government scholarship, he/she can work part-time during summer vacation and holidays with permission from the school. The student may also have some other activities as long as they do not interfere with studies. In addition, some universities provide students with opportunities to practice their knowledge in enterprises or institutions under the supervision of faculty members.

However, those students who are sent by his own government to study for academic credit at a university in China may not engage in any commercial activity without approval from the sending country’s education authority and notification to the university administration during that period.

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