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Chongqing University

It was established in 2021 by the National University of China. In its short history, it has become one of the prominent Chinese universities. What are the main features of Chongqing University? The first and foremost feature of Chongqing University is that it is one of the top-notch institutes in all over the world. Its fame is spread beyond boundaries and it has become one of the leading educational institutions in China.

The next feature is that it offers an excellent program for students. This was founded by the Central Party School of Economics. It is one of the six colleges of the national comprehensive university consisting of graduate, postgraduate, doctoral and undergraduate students. It has earned recognition as one of the top-notch economic institutes. It is home to some famous scholars such as Chen Gang, Ma Xiaojie, Cheng Hsien and Li Kaifeng.

Moreover, what are the key features of chongqing university that have contributed to its success? The most important factor is its liberal arts program which has enabled it to attract many eminent scholars and researchers from around the world. This has given it an edge over other Chinese universities. This liberal arts program and its brilliant scholars have enhanced the standing of the university beyond compare. As a result of this, its higher education got elevated to another level, making it one of the key national universities.

The Chongqing University has also made huge contribution in the field of medicine by building the first National Research Centre for Quality Education in China. This made possible the establishment of numerous medical research centres and institutions across the country. It has also become the first choice of several government-owned hospitals in the country. These efforts have made the number of students opting for higher education in the said college go up. All these efforts have been made with the aim of providing quality education to their students.

Another major contribution of the Chongqing University is the establishment of the first China comparative study centre. It led to the development of the first academic conference on comparative studies in china. In this conference, leading scholars from various fields travelled to the national capital to present their research work on China and globalization.

All these endeavors have helped the Chongqing University to develop its excellent curriculum. It also launched the first ever “model university” in the world – the Chongqing University of Science and Technology ( Chung Shi College) which aims to bring together young researchers from all over the country to form a team to achieve some goal. The Chongqing University of Science and Technology boasts excellent facilities such as the X-ray center, the Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-sciences, Institute of Physical Therapy, and the Institute of Public Health. All these facilities have been developed through long-term cooperative efforts between different faculties of the university. The result is that this key national university is well equipped to undertake comprehensive research projects.

All these endeavors have made the Chongqing University to become a leading centre of academic excellence in China. It has been able to emerge as one of the preeminent science and technology research institutes of Asia. International students make up over fifty percent of the total enrollment and this figure is steadily increasing. Almost all the faculties of the chongqing university have been accredited by at least one foreign association.

The major academic activities include major research and development programs in the fields of applied sciences and applied technology, civil engineering, environmental technology, health care, industrial medicine, humanities and education, occupational therapy, science technology, telecommunications, food science and pharmaceutical sciences, and food processing industries. Chongqing University also offers various other courses in related areas and these can be pursued by both local and international students. There are twenty-two academic departments and numerous departments of Chongqing University which offer different degrees in different stream such as Bachelor of Arts in Education (BEd), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Science (MSw), and Doctor of Education (EdD).

Besides all the academic pursuits, Chongqing University attaches great importance on its well-established music faculty. A large number of faculties at the university comprise of faculty members with professional credentials in conducting audio-visual productions and event decoration. For instance, Dr. Lin Zhi, Assistant Professor in Music Education and Music Technology, holds a very important position as an educational expert. Furthermore, Dr. Jia Kong is a world-renowned classical musicologist while Mr. Hong Kong is a budding conductor, composer and technician. The music faculties at the said university are very much concerned about the teaching effectiveness and contribution to the higher learning of the students. This is why the university attaches great importance on the teaching achievement and postgraduate training of its faculty members.


I am Alexandra Brown. I am 20 years old. I study in Peking University at Chinese Language and Literature Department. The reason why I choose this school both to learn the language and the culture up close and personal. I love writing, translating and editing and my main purpose to be here is to translate some of the perfect Chinese books into English after I graduate.

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