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What are the distinguishing features of Beihang University? There are many, actually. Among the first things you will notice about this prestigious institution is that it’s located in the midst of China’s most modern and bustling urban center Beijing. The Beihang University has been ranked as one of the top universities in China, along with Zheijang University and Dongfeng University.

Other distinguishing features of Beihang University are its highly innovative studies and branches in applied sciences. Among its many branches are astronautics, aerospace technology, and the study of aeronautical engineering. As one of China’s first and premier space research institutes, the Beihang University prides itself for the establishment of the first astronautical crew in China and for conducting the first ever manned space flight in history. Today, the University offers a variety of programs for its growing students. One of these is astronautical training and astronautical management.

astronauts set forth from the Jiuquan Satellite launch base to the Chinese-occupied Nanjing Satellite Launch Base in order to complete their training. This was the first ever crew to execute this training in China and the third crew ever to do so. They were able to successfully complete the program successfully, becoming the first batch of astronauts to have the opportunity to earn a national professional engineering doctoral degree education in aeronautical sciences and astronautical engineering from a reputable educational institute. Today, the Beihang University is known for its efforts in developing astronautical equipment and training students for spaceflight.

The Beihang University has been noted as a top-notch location for researchers in China and around the world. Many of the professors at the Beihang University are noted for their top-notch research and award winning publications in peer-reviewed journals and scientific research. Students who pursue an Associate Professor position at Beihang University will also be immersed in the most comprehensive and extensive range of scientific research facilities in China and Asia. These include; Jiejiazhen University in Beitou; Xiamen University in Wenchuan; Hualong University in Hualong; Kaifeng University in Taichung; and Hong Kong University in Hangzhou.

The Beihang University boasts a proud history and a large array of achievements and awards that have earned it recognition as one of the top education institutes in China and Asia. In addition to its excellent research and academic departments, the Beihang University also holds one of the finest clusters of international cooperation institutions in China and Asia. This is attributed to the fact that the Beihang University is able to maintain a good balance of international and Chinese cooperation. Among the numerous international cooperation initiatives that are pursued at Beihang University are; international collaborations on stem cell research, scholarships and fellowships, and grants for higher education.

Currently, the Beihang University is undergoing restructuring with the aim of improving efficiency and improving service delivery. The restructuring plan includes the integration of an enlarged departmentalized structure including a new Department of Science that will focus on applied research, establishment of a new Department of Education with over 40 new departments, lengthening of the Beihang campus, and the founding of a new Department of International Cooperation. With these efforts, Beihang University will undoubtedly emerge as a much respected institution in China and Asia. It will emerge as a highly regarded and powerful research university that continues to gain prestige and recognition not only in China and Asia, but all over the world.



I am Alexandra Brown. I am 20 years old. I study in Peking University at Chinese Language and Literature Department. The reason why I choose this school both to learn the language and the culture up close and personal. I love writing, translating and editing and my main purpose to be here is to translate some of the perfect Chinese books into English after I graduate.

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