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Peking University CSC Scholarship 2022

Peking University is the largest research university in Beijing, China. It was established in 1898 as the Imperial University of Peking under the Guangxu Emperor’s first royal charter.

In China and Asia, Peking University is consistently ranked among the top academic institutions. Its individual members have won numerous awards and honors, including Nobel Prizes, Fields Medals, Rhodes Scholarships and Tsung-Dao Keas.

The university’s current campus, in the north-west Beijing, University district. It has a total area of 2,743,532 square meters. Building Architecture is composed of both traditional Chinese design and contemporary facilities set within greenery and waterways.

Peking University is noted for its academics and has been consistently ranked as one of the top schools in China. It was often described as the most selective university in Chinese higher education.

The Peking University Library is one of the largest libraries in Asia and holds more than 7.9 million volume collections and 9,300 Chinese and foreign journals It has over 600,000 e-books and 2.9 million online journals, including 1.6 million full-text Chinese books and 770,000 electronic books.

Peking University offers courses covering economics, history, law, letters, mathematics, natural science, philosophy, politics & diplomacy, psychology, social sciences and management. Its Faculty of Economics is one of China’s highest ranked business schools.

Peking University CSC Scholarship 2022

The Peking University is offering CSC Scholarship 2022 to students who are willing to study in China. The CSC Scholarship is a Chinese Government Scholarship awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. International students can apply for bachelor, master or PhD degrees at universities in China.

The students will have the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious universities in China. By offering the CSC Scholarship 2022, Peking University encourages excellence for international students willing to study in China.

CSC Scholarship

The CSC Scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses and health care. All students will be exempt from paying Chinese national examination fees. The scholarship also provides funding for competition expenses, summer vacation job placement, academic exchanges, research visits or study tours abroad, professional training endeavors and other activities.

The China Scholarship Council is currently working with 152 international academic institutions in China, offering 2,935-degree programs in 61 subjects at the undergraduate level, 1,289 master’s degree programs and 419 doctorate tracks. The CSC also works with 20 overseas partner institutions in 25 countries and regions.

Peking University CSC Scholarship details

The Peking University CSC scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that covers all possible expenses for the recipient. It includes tuition fees, housing expenses, living costs, healthcare insurance, and so on. The awards are classified according to the student’s degree level.

  • Course Level: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • Fully Funded: No Outstanding Liabilities
  • Full Tuition Fee Cover.
  • Free accommodation
  • Fees for Chinese language training that include all expenses incurred throughout the learning process.
  • Comprehensive health insurance for international students.
  • Airport pick up services upon arrival in Beijing
  • Master’s Students: monthly stipend of 3000 RMB. Doctoral Students: monthly stipend of 4000

Peking University will open doors to new opportunities for students willing to study in China. Because of the university’s excellent reputation, the CSC Scholarship 2022 is highly regarded.

Your tuition fee will be completely covered by the full scholarship, meaning that you can focus on your studies and have one less financial headache to worry about.

Your health care services are well looked after by the state in this scholarship. You can rest easy knowing that your time studying in China is free from worry regarding illness and accidents.

The airport pick up service will make finding your way around China much easier should you arrive before your dormitory has been assigned, and the monthly stipend will help towards covering your living costs.

Peking University Departments and faculties

Peking University has developed into a learning and research center that is unique in its field, integrating subjects such as basic and applied science, social studies, and the humanities alongside medical, management, and education sciences.

Faculty of Science

  • College of Life Sciences
  • School of City and Environment
  • School of Physics
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
  • School of Earth and Space Sciences

Department of Information and Engineering Science

  • Engineering College
  • School of Software and Microelectronics
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Wang Xuan Computer Research Institute
  • School of Information Science and Technology

Global Innovation exchange Institute

  • Data Science and Information Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • New Energy Technology
  • Data Science and Information Technology
  • Social sciences philosophy
  • Precision Medicine and Healthcare

Humanities Department

  • Art academy
  • Department of History
  • School of Chinese as a Foreign Language
  • Department of Chinese Language and Literature
  • School of Archaeology, Culture and Museum
  • Department of Philosophy (Department of Religious Studies)Foreign Language School

Faculty of Economics and Management

  • School of Economics
  • Population Research Institute
  • National Development Institute
  • Guanghua School of Management


  • Basic Medical School
  • People’s Hospital
  • Dental Hospital
  • College of Pharmacy
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Nursing
  • Beijing Cancer Hospital
  • Sixth hospital
  • Shenzhen Hospital (Co-construction)
  • School of Medical Humanities
  • School of Medical Continuing Education
  • Shougang Hospital (Co-construction)
  • International Hospital (Co-construction)


  • Yuanpei College
  • Yenching Academy
  • Modern Agricultural College
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
  • Frontier Interdisciplinary Research Institute
  • Coveli Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Beijing International Mathematics Research Center

Applying Procedure

If a candidate for the Peking University CSC, scholarship has a letter of acceptance from a Chinese university professor, his or her chances of being chosen for the CSC scholarship increase significantly. You can follow the directions below on how to apply to the Peking University CSC scholarship program using the online CSC platform.

(1) Register the CSC application platform, login after successful registration.

(2) Click “Application for Scholarships” on the left side of the screen, choose “Perking Scholarship Application”.

(3) Find Peking University (PKU) in the list of institutions and click “Apply online” to start your online scholarship application.

(4) Fill in the application form and upload related materials such as a letter of acceptance from a Chinese university professor or your degree certificate, transcript and study plan.

(5) Login to check the status of your application.

The Peking University CSC scholarship program only provides full-tuition scholarship for undergraduate students, graduate programs, and doctoral students.

Required Documents

In order to apply for the CSC scholarship, you have to submit following documents.

(1) The letter of acceptance from a Chinese university professor.

(2) Academic transcript, degree certificate and study plan.

(3) Passport photo

(4) Passport information page

(5) Bank statement of the most recent 6 months.

(6) A research statement of not more than 1000 words.

The Ministry of Education has defined the following educational requirements for applicants: Applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree by the application deadline every year.

Each scholarship applicant is awarded points for their academic papers, thesis, research proposal and academic achievement. A candidate with 36 points or more can be considered for scholarship funding.

Note: If you are applying for Peking University through your degree certificate, please follow the application guidelines on the official website.

Perking University Deadline

The deadline to submit your online application for scholarship in Perking University is February 18, 2022. The awards will be announced in late March.

For more information about Perking University, please visit their official website

Perking University Results

After you submit an online scholarship application, you will be notified if you have been chosen for a scholarship after March 2022.

If you are awarded for the scholarship, the university will issue a letter of notification and detailed instructions to you. Note that if you are not selected for scholarship, your online application will not be kept recorded.

Good luck!

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Perking University Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance rate of Peking University for scholarship is 100 percent for all applicants who meet the application criteria. So any candidate who meets the application requirement can get Peking University scholarship.

Perking university has a number of scholarship program available for foreign students wanting to study in perking university. Foreign students are encourage to apply for Peking University Scholarship Program, especially if they are applying for undergraduate or graduate programs.

One way of getting a Perking University Scholarship is by having a letter of acceptance from a Chinese university professor. Having this letter increases your chances for being chosen for the Peking University scholarship significantly.

Having good scores in academics, research provides an advantage when applying for the Peking University scholarship program.


Peking University is a prestigious institution with a long history and outstanding reputation in China. As one of the leading universities in China, it has been consistently rated as one of the top university in the country.

It’s Faculty of Economics is one of China’s highest-ranking business institute. The scholarship program for international students is very beneficial for students wanting to study at Peking University.

The application process for the scholarship program is simple and you can be sure of getting results within a short time after applying.

Grab the opportunity to study in one of the top universities in China.

For more information about Peking University, please visit their official website

Good luck with your Peking University scholarship application.


I am Alexandra Brown. I am 20 years old. I study in Peking University at Chinese Language and Literature Department. The reason why I choose this school both to learn the language and the culture up close and personal. I love writing, translating and editing and my main purpose to be here is to translate some of the perfect Chinese books into English after I graduate.

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